Airtrack Pro

The Airgym Air Track Pro is a versatile inflatable gym track made from top quality materials for multifunctional and durable use. The hi-tech woven double wall fabric jumping surface is uniquely supple and soft and holds tremendous rebound power. Compared to other Airtracks, the Pro’s are 30% lighter in weight while keeping their extreme strength.

  • Air Mat for Pits H10 Pro

    Versatile 10 cm tall Air Mat, protects all kinds of landing areas.

  • Air Track H10 Pro

    Our thinnest Air Track, essential training floor for any sport discipline.

  • Air Track H10 Pro ‘Coaching’ 3m

    Your all round and mobile training floor.

  • Air Track H15 Pro

    At 15cm tall the perfect alternative for the traditional tumbling track.

  • Air Track H20 Pro

    The standard amongst the Air Tracks, ideal for recreational and higher level athletes.

  • Air Track H33 Pro

    Our ‘all round’ Air Track, the tallest and most popular track, for every age group.