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With a normal use Airgym products can hold for an average of 10 years. Of course we have Airtracks in the field that are exceeding this. It really depends on how and in what frequency the products are used.

Yes, all Airgym products are REACh compliant. The raw materials are tested and approved according to the strict European Union safety and health regulations and in compliance with REACh standards. This stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals. The law addresses the production and use of chemical substances. There are several categories each with their own criteria regarding the use and concentrations of harmful chemicals.

Air gymnastics products are not indicated as ‘child play toys’ but as ‘sports equipment’ and therefor have less ‘heavy’ criteria for concerning chemicals like DEHP, BBP, DIBP and DBP. Airgym air products are tested and have always complied with the ‘child play toys’ norms. We deliberately mention this because the REACh regulation has its limitations. Air mats with a concentration of <1% weight percent of toxic plasticizers DEHP and DBP can be sold as ‘sports equipment’. There are Airtrack suppliers who have done this or still do, mainly these products are made in the far East. Would these products be sold as ‘child play toys’ than they are not allowed to be sold on the market. That’s unacceptable to us. We always have and are still supporting the idea to use the stricter ‘toys’ norms because it concerns the health and wellbeing of our young ones where no concessions can be made in terms of safety and health. Should the norms change in the future then Airgym air products already comply to these stricter norms.

At Airgym we only work with the highest quality of components and raw materials, such as the revolutionary HEYtrax Double Wall Fabric (DWF) produced in Germany by our supplier HEYtex. Our products meet the European standards, are REACh Compliant and we have an increasingly amount of fabrics that are Phthalate free.

Heart of the Airgym air products is the Double Wall Fabric (‘DWF’). ‘Double Wall’ is a three-dimensionally structure whose two base fabrics are interlinked with thousands spacer threads, which specify the thickness and parallelism of the material. The fabric is covered on both sides with several layers of coating. This combination makes the air products evenly flat, airtight and lightweight.

Due to the extreme strength of the spacer threads and special sewing technology our double wall materials use less coating and threads per m2 (25.000 – 28.000 threads/m2) than other brands. It results in approx. 30% lighter Airtracks while still excelling in ultra- strength, airtightness and a tremendous rebound power. As one in its kind, the special applied coating feels soft, supple and has a fine matte finishing. More information about our used materials can be found on our Technique page.

Following the selection of the highest quality raw materials and years of manufacturing experience, Airgym products receive up to a unique 5 year manufacturer warranty. Our production department is proud that even after manufacturing hundreds of Airtracks for over 35 years, the continuous work pays off and a quality guarantee of 5 years presents the trust in our products. In this way you have a secure investment and a great product to rely on.

  • Airgym Pro series receive a unique 5 year warranty.
  • Airgym Basic series has a warranty of 4 years.
  • Air Blowers and Pumps are covered by a 12 month warranty. We explain more on our service page.

Our warranty covers manufacturer defects like product failures or hidden raw material defects. Defects in the goods resulting from normal wear and tear, improper use or omission on the part of the client or of insufficient and/or poor maintenance are not included. The correct use is explained in our user manual. Should you have any doubts on how to use our air products please contact us or your local distributor and we’ll be happy to provide the desired info.

Our air products are sealed using a high-tech glue-technique and therefor basically air-tight. Depending on the size they are inflated with one or two air blowers. For Airtracks this will take maximum 3 minutes. After that, the blower can be switched off and will remain inflated whilst in use.

Air products should remain inflated throughout the duration of their use, but will need topping up over time if keeping the products inflated for long periods. There is no Airtrack in the world that is 100% air-tight. Airtracks are not designed to completely maintain their pressure overnight. Because of differences in temperature, they fluctuate a bit in air pressure. They are called air-tight because they can keep their pressure for many hours without a continuous air flow.

There are many differences between the Airtracks available on the market. Because of years of innovation, the use of the best raw materials available and special sealing techniques, Airgym Airtracks are as air-tight as possible.

Our products undergo a 16-hours pressure test before delivery. They are inflated with more than 200 mbar and in those 16 hours not more than 15% of air loss is allowed. This way we ensure the use of our products throughout the training without the need of refilling the air pressure.

For safety reasons we always advise to check the pressure before training.

The Double Wall Fabric is a three-dimensionally woven structure whose two base fabric are interlinked with hundreds of thousands of spacer threads. Some of these threads may fluctuate insignificant in length causing the appearance of small dents (diam. approx. 1 cm) when the product is inflated. Most of the dents disappear after the product is used several times under a high air pressure. The ‘unknotting’ can be heard by a ‘plop’ sound. You can fasten this process by using a higher air pressure than you would normally use during trainings. The dents do not affect in any way the qualities and unique properties of the material, they are cosmetic characteristics of the Double Wall Fabric.

Airgym is one of the many brands from Airgroup Industries. All Airgym products are designed and made at our own production facility in Europe. Unlike other manufacturers or suppliers of air products we do not produce in the far East. Our products are hand made by a team of specialists using only the best materials available that originate from the inflatable boat industry. The outcome are top quality products with a long lifespan that can be custom made according to your needs.

For a detailed insight of our production facility head over to our about Airgym page.

Yes, because of our own production facility Airgym air products can be custom built and completely tailored according to your requirements. Airgym is specialized in custom made designs, it’s how we started over three decades ago and have continued doing so until this day. We have experience in manufacturing one-off projects and private label product series and pride ourselves with building custom products for big brands over the years. No matter if you are a gym club, show group, school or an international operating gymnastic equipment manufacturer; share your desired dimensions, creative shapes, special colors, logos, extra specs and we will make it yours.

Just contact us, send a picture or drawing and we will help you with our know-how and many other ideas to realize your unique Airgym product.
Discover all possibilities on the custom made page.

Airgym is an international operating company with a network of experienced distributors. This allows us to stay close to our clients and provide fitting solutions for the specific needs of each client, in every market. The global expertise and the continuous drive for improvements makes it possible to reach great achievements. Airgym is represented in the countries listed on our contact page and expand on new markets.

Can’t find your country? Please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to provide you all the requested information.

The air pressure should be adapted depending on the product, sport type, ability level and the weight of the user. It all comes down to personal preference. The air products can be inflated fully for firm bounce and air can be easily released from the valve for a softer feel.

To avoid strains and injuries always use enough air pressure within the products. Also check and refill before every training session.
You can find a recommended guideline with pressure indications in our user manual and below.

No. The extreme air pressure which would be necessary to damage a Airgym product cannot be achieved with the included blower. The Airfloors can therefore also be used safely by large group (E.g. in cheerleading). In the unlikely event that you should use our Airtracks for several hours in extreme hot temperatures, we can easily use an over-pressure valve as extra insurance. Hot environments require letting air out because it expands the products.

Setting-up Airgym air products is pretty easy, you can find our general set-up user manual here.

Yes you can set up Airgym products outside. Make sure to use a groundsheet to avoid damaging the products. Also remove inconsistency’s such as hard, pointy items on the surface that may puncture the air product. Use your head and treat our products with care like you do with other valued products. In addition to the above: Dry and clean the products before storing, don’t keep them unattended outside in extreme elements and be aware of extreme temperatures which affects the air pressure inside the products. Hot environments require letting air out and cold letting air in for safety and preventing damage.

The Airgym products are designed as sports equipment for acrobatic sports, and so is the duration of the warranty. Due to an accelerated wear through abrasion on stone surfaces, fine sand or shard objects the claim on warranty may be omitted. Please read our user manual for more information or just contact us if you are still in doubt, better safe than sorry.

Airgym air products are designed to be thick enough for users to not feel the floor underneath when tumbling. That said, the height of the air product, weight of the athlete and intended use should be taken into consideration to benefit the full potential of air products.

The air pressure can be adjusted to suit various user options. The required height or thickness of the Airtrack depends on the future user types. A basic formula: the heavier the athlete, the thicker the Airtrack. More thickness will open up a wider playing field for the use of different hardness degrees and therefor more suitable for a wider user range. Should the Airtrack be used on top or beneath existing mats, of course adults can also use our thinnest tracks even if they are inflated ‘softly’.

The Airgym products in our catalogue are the standard Airtracks which we normally have on stock. Depending on the model a newly produced air product should be considered to have a 1 to 4 week lead time for EU deliveries unless specifically told or labeled otherwise. Shipments outside the EU may take longer of course and usually have a 4 – 6 week delivery time. Urgent requests can be send by airplane which reduce the delivery time a lot.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to have a different size track as you can customize your own Airgym Airtrack.

There are countries in which we do not have a distributor yet. If you are interested, please contact us and we’d be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

There are differences between the several thicknesses combined with the lengths and widths. Larger sized Air Tracks H10 Pro weigh approx. 2.5 kg / m2 and H33 Pro weigh approx. 3.0 kg / m2. You can check the weight for each product on our product pages.

Our experience is that the vast majority of our clients do not want a standard product but are looking for solutions that exactly fulfill their needs. They want freedom to create something special, a product of their own that perfectly fits the intended use. For example, velcro attaching strips are used a lot in permanent equipped gymnastics halls to fix products to the floor and mats. In school gyms there is no need for Velcro strips on the bottom of our air products because the risk of slipping.

The Airgym products you see on our website are standard and present a small selection of the possibilities. On our product pages you can easily request for a quotation by clicking the ‘ADD TO QUOTE’ button. This will present the standard product or gives you the option to describe your custom made request. We will contact you within 24h.

Technically it is just the thickness where ‘H’ stands for height. So the Air Track H10 is 10 cm thick where the H33 is 33 cm thick. However, more thickness will open up a wider playing field for the use of different hardness degrees and therefore more suitable for a wider user range.

The thicker the mat
– The softer your takeoff
– The higher your jumps
– The softer your landings
– The lower the impact on your body

The thinner the mat
– The higher the air pressure required to prevent you from hitting the bottom
– The higher the stability
– The faster the rebound

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