Have a look at our videos. Thanks to our partners, friends and ambassadors we were able to create an amazing collection. Special thanks to SHJ Drunen (NL) where we shot our product videos and all the fantastic athletes that were involved in these shoots.

Air Gymnastics Series

video pic gymnastics airgym

Air Track H33 & Air Block Set

video pic h33 airgym

Air Pit

video picture air pit

Air Triangle

video pic triangle airgym

Air Tunnel

video pic airtrunnel airgym

Air Track H10 & Air Mat for Pits

video pic airgym h10

Coaching Set & Air Beam

video pic air barrel

Air Hotspot, Air Square & Air Blocks

video pic hostpots airgym

Vault Module Set

video pic airgym vault

Airgym Compilation

video pic airgym compilation

About our Production

video pic about

Airgym – The Unbelievable Game

video pic game airgym