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Air Track H15 Pro

At 15cm tall the perfect alternative for the traditional tumbling track.


The Airgym Air Track H15 Pro is 15 cm tall and can be used without a mat underneath. The most popular track width is 1.8m and measures exactly the same width as a competition track, ideal for competition preparation and getting your athletes used to a narrower track than a traditional Airtrack. Combined with a floor runner on top it feels like a normal tumbling track. Interesting for clubs that want to replace their old tumbling track.


Airtrack Pro is made from a superior woven material that is the strongest, bounciest and torsion stiffest available. Even in a softer state H15 can be used by adults like a ‘normal’ Airtrack without feeling the bottom floor. With children and adolescents it can completely replace the H20.


Should the Airtrack be used especially by larger children or adults and deployed as a fully-fledged Airtrack, then we recommend choosing a thicker height such as the H20 or H33.


With a 10m x 1.8m sized model weighing in at just 40kg, the Air Track H15 Pro can easily be moved by two people using the carrying handles on the transport bag provided. Ideal for clubs who have to set up every session and have limited storage space, as well as high level clubs looking for a softer track to practice repetitive tumbles.


Our standard tracks are fully equipped with plenty of extras like valves and velcro. Of course each Airtrack can be custom made according to your wishes! Describe your wishes in the add to quote form and we will make it yours.



Prevents Injuries

The takeoff is soft, which helps perform more repetitions with less stress or strain on wrists and ankles. Adjustable air pressure degree easily customized within seconds.

Multiple use

For all users that search for the perfect mix between weight and bounce qualities. Very light product with attached velcro, easy to move and connect to other tracks or mats during trainings.

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Best Material

Woven double wall fabric (DWF) surface with uniquely soft, supple and matte finish. Most durable, strong and stiff material that provides the best rebound power and stress distribution for optimal performance. REACh Compliant.

Easy to Use

Inflation and deflation within minutes. Because of the lightweight it’s easy to move around. Stays inflated without the use of continuous blower feed, noise free training.

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Color blue user surface / light grey sides
Markings light grey orientation/connection line user surface top and bottom
Valves min. 1x grey valve, 1x black valve (nb. depending on track length)
Handles hard PVC carrying handles (nb. depending on track size)
Velcro 15 cm wide blue soft velcro short ends on top
Recommended pump air volume <5m3: OV10 Blower or Hand Pump
air volume >5m3: Blower Set 1 or 2 (depending on size)
Supplied with
Inclusive transport bag, repair kit
Warranty 5 years manufacturing warranty on ‘Pro’ air products
Size   Length Width Height Packing size Weight
Air Track H10 Pro   12,0 1,8 0,15 m 100 x 65 x 45 cm 63 kg
Packing size and weight indication of the most popular Air Track Pro size.
Contact us if you would like to know more about the specifications of the other models.


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