Methodical Air Modules Basic

The Airgym Methodical Air Modules Basic are an interesting alternative to the Pro modules. These economical and smartly designed multi-usable training modules help any type of user to increase skill levels. 

  • Air Barrel Basic

    Ideal help to learn back- and forward movements such as flick-flacks and many other body awareness skills.

  • Air Beam Basic

    Gain beam confidence and learn your new beam skills safely.

  • Air Block Basic

    Versatile and stackable block to use as soft vault box and for many other methodical exercises.

  • Air Board Basic

    Designed to create many methodical landscapes, provides a soft and powerful rebound.

  • Air Incline Basic

    Inclined ramps with different heights to create methodical exercises fast and easy.

  • Air Square Basic

    Square modules that provide extra bounce, for training and fun.