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Airgym Foam Blocks (100 pieces)

Perfect for Airgym Air Pit or any open landing system. Removable and washable cover ensures long life usage.


The Airgym Foam Blocks for pits are high quality blocks made from polyurethane within a grey protection cover. The Foam Blocks can be used perfectly with the Airgym Air Pit but are also suitable for any type of open pit you see in gymnastic facilities and gyms, trampoline parks, motorcycle, BMX, skateboard and bounce halls.


The Airgym Foam Blocks are of a high density polyurethane material so they are easier to move through. A long-encountered problem working with foam blocks in open pits is the durability. In time small pieces will come or are peeled off and the blocks will absorb moisture, sweat, dust and magnesium parts causing them to smell. This usually means an expensive repeating replacement every few years. The special cover on our blocks not only protects the foam block itself, it is also a stretching and absorbing material. The cover is removable using the small protected zipper and can therefore be washed ensuring prolonged long life use of our Foam Blocks.


The Airgym Foam Blocks come in quantities of minimal 100 pieces and have a standard grey cover. Of course, other quantities, sizes or cover colors are available.




Color grey
Dimensions 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.4 m
Density Foam min. 16.2 – max. 18.9 kg/m3
Material Foam polyurethane
Material Cover lycra, 100% polyester, stretchable fabric, 125 gr/m2
Weight per piece per piece, approx. 0.3 – 0.35 kg
Weight 100 pieces 100 pieces, 38 kg
Packing size  packed per 50 pieces, 100 x 100 x 80 cm


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