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Air Triangle H15 Pro

Versatile and fun triangular training module for young and old. Many usages such as trampoline and inclined slope!



The Air Triangle by Airgym is one of the great innovations in the inflatable gymnastic products domain. The unique and patented triangular design makes this air module an extremely versatile multi-purpose training device.


Three different sized user areas combined with a phenomenal rebound allow the Air Triangle to be used in various ways such as trampoline, springboard, run-up, inclined slope, crawling tunnel and so on. Placed vertically on its small side against a wall, the Triangle can even be used for ‘Freerun wall back-flips’.


Made out of the same double wall fabric materials as our Air Track Pro so basically air-tight. With ease, the air pressure is adjusted to fit each individual athlete and user situation. Lesser air makes it soft and therefore perfect for youngsters to experience their first rolls and crawls safely. Adding air will make it bouncy like a trampoline so that young and old, beginner or pro can perform amazing tricks.


Unlike comparable products from steel, wood or foam, Air Triangle is so light to move that every child is able to use it easily but without losing its stability.


The Air Triangle is available in one standard size which will fit the vast majority of users. Of course, custom made Air Triangles are no problem for us!




Can be used as a trampoline, run-up, tunnel, inclined slope, Freerun backflip wall and much more.

Wide User Range

Used for young and old in recreational- and competitive gymnastics, tricking, freerunning, shows, events and (pre-)school environments, The Air Triangle provides loads of fun for everybody.

Image module
Image module

Best Material

Woven double wall fabric (DWF) surface with uniquely soft, supple and matte finish. Most durable, strong and stiff material that provides the best rebound power and stress distribution for optimal performance. REACh Compliant.

Easy to Use

Inflation and deflation within 30 seconds. Because of the lightweight it’s easy to move around for in- and outside usages. Stays inflated without the use of continuous blower feed, noise free training.

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Color blue surface / light grey sides
Markings optional
Valves grey valve
Handles optional
Velcro optional
Recommended pump OV10 Blower / Hand Pump (not included)
Supplied with 6 d-rings and 2 straps for adjusting the surface angle
Inclusive transport bag, repair kit
Warranty 5 years manufacturing warranty on ‘Pro’ air products
Packing size 60 x 40 x 20 cm
Weight 10  kg

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