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Transport Bag

Durable bags to carry and store Airgym products.


The Airgym Transport Bags are used to safely transport and store your products. Our transport bags are available in 2 different designs. The envelope style is a compact storage bag for the smaller air products and blower sets. The ‘traditional’ transport bag, or ‘carrying bag’ is equipped with strong carrying handles and fastening straps.




Color Blue
Material Durable PVC-coated fabric
Envelope Bag ENV 1 Blower Set 1, Hotspot, Air Board, Beams etc.
Envelope Bag ENV 2 Blower Set 2, Air Barrels, Air Square etc.
Transport Bag XS Air Tracks <7m
Transport Bag S Air Tracks 7,5 – <9m
Transport Bag M Air Tracks 9 – <12m
Transport Bag L Air Tracks 12 – <15m
Transport Bag XL Air Tracks 15 – <18m
Transport Bag XXL Air Tracks 18 – 20m
Transport Bag XXXL Big Air Floor

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