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Track Connector PVC / Velcro with foam triangle

Integrated foam triangle for stable and seamless connection between Air Tracks or mats.


The Airgym Track Connector PVC/Velcro with a foam triangle provides a seamless connection between Airtracks and mats. Once attached to other air products or mats that are already applied with soft velcro, they prevent the products from slipping apart.


The top is made out of PVC-fabric, the bottom from hard velcro. The connector holds an integrated foam triangle which is squeezed between the objects to provide a seamless connection. Mostly used to connect Airtracks, Airfloors and Air Blocks.


Please note: connectors with foam triangle cannot be used on Airtracks H10, these will need a connector without the foam triangle.


Track Connectors with foam triangle are available in standard sizes. Of course, custom made connectors are also available. Select the size that comes closest and describe your wishes in the add to quote form.




Color Blue
Length available in 1.4 m, 1.8 m, 2.1 m, 2.8 m and 3.6 m
Height available for H15, H20 and H33
Width 0.30 m
Material PVC-coated fabric top and hard velcro bottom


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