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Air Incline Pro

Inclined ramps with different heights to create methodical exercises fast and easy.


Air Incline by Airgym is a versatile inflatable triangular ramp and a great help for methodical training exercises. Starting from the first rolls backward until assisting flick-flacks, they increase the training duration and speed up the progress of the participants. Connected with Airtracks, ramps are widespread for a long time as run-up aid.


Like every inflatable product, the air pressure of the Air Inclines is adjustable so it can even be used as springboard replacement. However, in contrast to standard springboards the Air Incline has no sharp edges or hard corners. This means fewer risks of injury for the athletes. Unlike comparable foam products, Air Inclines are so light to move that every child is able to use them easily.


The standard Air Inclines come in three sizes. Of course, custom made Inclines are no problem for us! Select the size that comes closest and describe your wishes in the add to quote form.


An interesting alternative to our Pro series are the Air Inclines Basic.




The Air incline is a great help for methodical training like learning rolls forward and backwards, flick-flacks and more. Functions as a run-up when connected to Airtracks.

No Sharp Edges

In contrast to a standard springboard the Air Incline has no sharp edges or hard corners. This means fewer risks and less injuries. 

Image module
Image module

Best Material

Made out of the same strong and safe materials that are produced under the European REACh norms. Soft and matte finish.

Easy to Use

Inflation and deflation within 30 seconds. Because of the lightweight it’s easy to move around for in- and outside usages. Stays inflated without the use of continuous blower feed, noise free training.

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Color blue surface / grey sides
Markings grey orientation line and numbers on top
Valves grey valve
Handles soft handles (nb. depending on size)
Velcro blue soft velcro small ends top and bottom
Recommended pump OV10 Blower / Hand Pump (not included)
Supplied with d-ring on corners
Inclusive transport bag, repair kit
Warranty 5 years manufacturing warranty on ‘Pro’ air products



Size Lenght Width height Packing size Weight
Air Incline S Pro 1,2 0,9 0,10-0,26 m 120 x 35 x 15 cm 10,0 kg
Air Incline M Pro 1,8 1,2 0,15-0,30 m 180 x 40 x 15 cm 12,0 kg
Air Incline L Pro 1,8 1,2 0,20-0,65 m 180 x 40 x 25 cm 13,0 kg

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