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Air Barrel Pro

Ideal help to learn back- and forward movements such as flick-flacks and many other body awareness skills.


The Air Barrel is a great help for methodical training exercises. The Air Barrel is used for tumbling, vaulting, bar and vault skills and also has many applications for teaching body awareness and control.


For all forward and backward movements, such as rollovers or back- and front handsprings, this exercise help eases the learning of new skills. The Air Barrel is bouncy, easily adjustable in pressure and therefore also perfect for gymnasts to train their rebound and balance, no matter the skills level. Because it is bouncy, it can be used for many training scenarios that cannot be done with the traditional foam shapes.


Depending on the targeted age group and size of the athletes, Airgym Air Barrels are available in different standard sizes to suit most need. Of course, custom made Barrels Pro are no problem for us! Select the size that comes closest and describe your wishes in the add to quote form.


Air Barrels are included in our Coaching Sets and as an interesting alternative also available as Air Barrel Basic.




Versatile multi-purpose training device, available in different sizes to suit every need.


Great product for methodical training. Used for tumbling, bar, vault skills, provides many applications for body awareness.

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Best Material

Made out of the same strong and safe materials that are produced under the European REACh norms. Soft and matte finish.

Easy to Use

Inflation and deflation within 30 seconds. Because of the lightweight it’s easy to move around for in- and outside usages. Stays inflated without the use of continuous blower feed, noise free training.

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Color blue cylinder / grey sides
Markings optional
Valves grey valve
Handles 2 soft handles
Velcro optional
Recommended pump OV10 Blower / Hand Pump (not included)
Supplied with d-ring on both sides
Inclusive repair kit (transport bag not included, sold separately)
Warranty 5 years manufacturing warranty on ‘Pro’ air products
Size Length Width Height Packing size Weight
Air Barrel ø0,6m Pro 1,2 ø 0,6 m 60 x 50 x 15 cm 2,5 kg
Air Barrel ø0,7m Pro 1,2 ø 0,7 m 60 x 50 x 15 cm  3,0 kg
Air Barrel ø0,8m Pro 1,2 ø 0,8 m 60 x 50 x 15 cm 3,5 kg

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