At Airgym we only work with the highest quality of components and raw materials, such as the revolutionary HEYtrax Double Wall Fabric (DWF) produced in Germany by our supplier HEYtex. Our products meet the European standards, are REACh Compliant and we have an increasingly amount of fabrics that are Phthalate free.

Heart of the Airgym air products is the Double Wall Fabric (‘DWF’). ‘Double Wall’ is a three-dimensionally structure whose two base fabrics are interlinked with thousands spacer threads, which specify the thickness and parallelism of the material. The fabric is covered on both sides with several layers of coating. This combination makes the air products evenly flat, airtight and lightweight.

Due to the extreme strength of the spacer threads and special sewing technology our double wall materials use less coating and threads per m2 (25.000 – 28.000 threads/m2) than other brands. It results in approx. 30% lighter Airtracks while still excelling in ultra- strength, airtightness and a tremendous rebound power. As one in its kind, the special applied coating feels soft, supple and has a fine matte finishing. More information about our used materials can be found on our Technique page.

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