Yes, all Airgym products are REACh compliant. The raw materials are tested and approved according to the strict European Union safety and health regulations and in compliance with REACh standards. This stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals. The law addresses the production and use of chemical substances. There are several categories each with their own criteria regarding the use and concentrations of harmful chemicals.

Air gymnastics products are not indicated as ‘child play toys’ but as ‘sports equipment’ and therefor have less ‘heavy’ criteria for concerning chemicals like DEHP, BBP, DIBP and DBP. Airgym air products are tested and have always complied with the ‘child play toys’ norms. We deliberately mention this because the REACh regulation has its limitations. Air mats with a concentration of <1% weight percent of toxic plasticizers DEHP and DBP can be sold as ‘sports equipment’. There are Airtrack suppliers who have done this or still do, mainly these products are made in the far East. Would these products be sold as ‘child play toys’ than they are not allowed to be sold on the market. That’s unacceptable to us. We always have and are still supporting the idea to use the stricter ‘toys’ norms because it concerns the health and wellbeing of our young ones where no concessions can be made in terms of safety and health. Should the norms change in the future then Airgym air products already comply to these stricter norms.

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