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Air Blower Sets

Attractive all-in accessory packages for maximum comfort when using our products.


The Airgym Air Blower Set is an attractive all-in accessory package created for
maximum comfort when using our products. The Set is equipped with accessories like one or two OV10 Air Blowers to provide the quickest way to inflate Airgym air products. The Manometer Set provides precise air pressure  measurement and can be used on all Airgym products. It allows you to determine the perfect pressure to create the most optimal training situations. Air Blower Sets can be locked away andstored easily.


Depending on the size and volume of the Airgym Airtracks we recommend you to use one of the two Air Blower Sets:
– Air Set 1: for Airtracks with air volume < 5m3 (1x OV10)
– Air Set 2: for Airtracks with air volume > 5m3 (2x OV10)


When in doubt please contact us, we will be happy to help you choosing the correct set.



The Air Blower Sets include one or two OV10 Blowers which are high pressure electric air
pumps that are used to inflate and deflate Airgym products. Depending on the product type
you will need a yellow or black tube for inflation.



Yellow tube – grey valve 
Airtracks H10 (10 cm high) and other small methodical air modules are solely equipped with the grey non-return valve. For inflation you will need an Air Blower with the yellow tube. The yellow tube is also suited to make air adjustments on Airtracks with a small volume.









Black tube – black valve
The H15, H20, H33 tall Airgym products and larger methodical air modules are equipped with the grey and black non-return valve. For inflation its best to use an Air Blower with the black tube because it provides a higher air volume. The Manometer (air pressure gauge) is mounted on the grey valve for precise pressure management.


The Air Blower Set will always be equipped with the tube(s) that correspond to your air
product type. Black and yellow tubes can be ordered separately and fit on all our OV10 Blowers.

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