Air products should remain inflated throughout the duration of their use, but will need topping up over time if keeping the products inflated for long periods. There is no Airtrack in the world that is 100% air-tight. Airtracks are not designed to completely maintain their pressure overnight. Because of differences in temperature, they fluctuate a bit in air pressure. They are called air-tight because they can keep their pressure for many hours without a continuous air flow.

There are many differences between the Airtracks available on the market. Because of years of innovation, the use of the best raw materials available and special sealing techniques, Airgym Airtracks are as air-tight as possible.

Our products undergo a 16-hours pressure test before delivery. They are inflated with more than 200 mbar and in those 16 hours not more than 15% of air loss is allowed. This way we ensure the use of our products throughout the training without the need of refilling the air pressure.

For safety reasons we always advise to check the pressure before training.

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