Yes you can set up Airgym products outside. Make sure to use a groundsheet to avoid damaging the products. Also remove inconsistency’s such as hard, pointy items on the surface that may puncture the air product. Use your head and treat our products with care like you do with other valued products. In addition to the above: Dry and clean the products before storing, don’t keep them unattended outside in extreme elements and be aware of extreme temperatures which affects the air pressure inside the products. Hot environments require letting air out and cold letting air in for safety and preventing damage.

The Airgym products are designed as sports equipment for acrobatic sports, and so is the duration of the warranty. Due to an accelerated wear through abrasion on stone surfaces, fine sand or shard objects the claim on warranty may be omitted. Please read our user manual for more information or just contact us if you are still in doubt, better safe than sorry.

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